M2cbridge Multifunctional Edge and Corner Guard Coverage Baby Safety Bumper DIY 2m (Rice White)

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Product Description

Colour: Rice white


For use by adult only.
DO NOT leave your child unattended. Keep packaging away from children. Please avoid children biting.
Before installation, be sure to clean the surface of the adherend. If it is greasy, dust, moisture or unevenness surface , it will be difficult to stick as expected. The plaster wall, brick wall and tempered glass may be slightly less sticky.

Impact absorbing rubber foam – soft, durable and extra thick. Babyproofing made convenient, efficient, and frustration-free. No alignments, no diagrams to follow, no wasted time.

TO INSTALL (Best for one-time use only):
1. Measure distance of furniture edge between two corner cushions;cut section of edge cushion to fit;repeat as necessary;
2. Dry wipe surface area of furniture edge;
3. Apply double-sided tape firmly to both inner surfaces of edge cushion by aligning tape to cushion’s outer edges: start at one end and apply strips of tape to cover entire length of edge cushion;
4. Remove tape backings and push cushion deeply and snugly into furniture edge;
5. Press both sides of cushion firmly for several seconds along its complete length

After pasting, please press hard and leave it for 24 hours before touching it. It is best not to touch it during the period.
After using for a long time, you can wipe with a wet towel to remove the stains.

What you get: 1 x Edge Guard, 1 x double side tape, 1 x instruction color card

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