BESTOPE Blackhead Remover Comedone Extractor Tweezers Pimple Spot Popper

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Product Description

● 6 IN 1 Blackhead Remover Tools: 6 Different sized needles, loops and tweezers effectively help handle all types of blackhead, acne, comedone, whitehead, zit, pimple and spot popper tool.
● Blackhead Tweezers: the aligned straight and curved tweezers work better on place that hard to reach than loops.
● 100% Stainless Steel: All these blackhead extractor tools are made of stainless steel, clean and durable.
● Ergonomic Design: Ergonomically shaped handle to help you better control the pressure and get a secure grip during use.
● Package and Precaution: Individual metal case is convenient for storage and transport. Be gently during use and don`t use any blackhead remover tool before the acne matured, user manual included.

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