Tommee Tippee Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls 7m+ (Colours May Vary), 4 Bowls

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Make weaning easy with less mess and less stress

Stack up on these easy-scoop bowls for fuss-free feeding. These easy-scoop bowls are designed to make mealtimes easy (and a lot less messy). If mealtime feels like a madhouse, at least you’ll be dining in style with a choice of fun colours.

The unique easy-scoop triangular base makes it easy to scoop up every mouthful, meaning less waste and clearing up.

Fuss free feeding

Mealtimes with a toddler can be messy. The ergonomically shaped handle on the side means they’re easy to hold, without getting your fingers messy. And when your little one is ready to try feeding themselves, they work with the brilliant Magic Mat, which keeps bowls firmly where they should be. Less to clean up from the table, floor, walls and baby!

For busy families

When mealtime’s over, they stack inside each other, saving valuable storage space. Safe to use in the microwave, and BPA free, these easy-scoop bowls are simple to clean too. Wash with hot soapy water or pop them on the top shelf of your dishwasher. You can even sterilise them for extra reassurance.

Who is Tommee Tippee?

Tommee Tippee is the feeding brand in the UK and one of the fastest growing baby bottle brands in North America. For 50 years, we’ve made innovative products that are designed to make life a little bit easier for parents. And perhaps a little more fun. Today we’re honoured to be in families’ homes in over 50 countries around the world. #ParentOn.

What’s in the box

  • 4 x Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls

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