Hama 10.2051 4,000 Beads & 3 Pegboards in Pink Tub, Multicolour

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Product Description

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Hama beads and pegboards

Create hamazing designs

Hama Beads is one of the original fuse bead brands, creating long lasting masterpieces.

The perfect refill set containing over 4,000 midi beads, 3 pegboards, instructions and ironing paper.

Simply Hamazing

  • Children and adults can have great fun with tiny plastic beads
  • Helps to develop hand-eye coordination and creativity
  • Midi Beads are a 5mm diameter and are suitable for ages 5 and up

How it works




Step 1

Place the beads on a pegboard following the design guide, or make up your own!

Step 2

Place the special ironing paper on top of the design and then iron for just a few seconds using smooth, circular movements. Never hold the iron completely still. After having applied the iron for a short period, the colour of the beads will suddenly be more clearly visible through the ironing paper; this means that the ironing is finished.

Step 3

Leave the design for a few minutes to cool down and then peel it off the pegboard. You now have a long lasting design!

Hama Beads

About Hama Beads

Hama have been making beads in Denmark for over 40 years. Hama products give children as young as 3 a creative challenge. These products have been adapted to follow your child’s development, starting from baby attempts to control motor skills. Then as your child grows, Hama products gradually make the switch from educational toys to a creative hobby.

There are 3 different sized beads includes Mini, Midi and Maxi.

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