Kazai.® | Ceramic Hanging Planter Vase | Set of 3 | Matt White

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● ✔ A REAL EYE-CATCHER: The 3-part hanging plant set, with its plain but elegant design, creates a modern wall decor look for your apartment. Its also the perfect gift idea for Christmas, a wedding or birthday
● ✔ HIGH-QUALITY CERAMIC: All plant pots are made of fine ceramics with a very smooth surface, finished with an elegant glaze.
● ✔ PERFECT FOR INDOOR PLANTS: The wall hanging planters are ideal for a wide variety of wall plants and succulents such as cacti, aloe vera, artificial plants or echeveria. Due to their size, they are also perfectly suited for narrow walls
● ✔ EASY TO HANG: You can place them with a simple nail or screw either in line or offset. For larger wall surfaces just group together multiple wall hanging pot sets and create your own personal wall decoration

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