Twinings English Breakfast Tea 400 Tea Bags, (Multipack of 4 x 100 Bags)

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● Enjoy 400 cups of Twinings classic English Breakfast Tea. Twinings golden, full bodied tea is loved throughout the nation for being bright and full of flavour
● In every cup you’ll get a combination of full- bodied Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan tea which forms a delicious, balanced blend
● Mornings deserve Twinings. Perfect for that all important first cup in the morning and a fantastic pick me up throughout the day
● Great Taste Award Winner 2019- This tea is made from premium quality teas sourced from the best tea gardens
● At Twinings, we recognise Twinings responsibility to source ethically and Twinings ability to act as a force for good by improving conditions in Twinings supply chain

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