Indoor 40-50cm Potted | Monstera Deliciosa Swiss Cheese Plant

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● LUSH GREEN FOLIAGE – The colour on the plant’s foliage is a lush green, akin to that of a rainforest colour. The hue of green is fantastic and a feature that makes the plant so pleasing on the eye.
● FITS WELL IN MANY INDOOR ENVIRONMENTS – The Swiss Cheese Plant loves humid environments and partial shade. This fits in well with indoors as you have the option of a bathroom or conservatory, whilst also having the option of an office, a window sill or anywhere that exposes the plant to the partial shade it craves.
● EASY PLANT TO CARE FOR – Caring for the plant is simple. The low maintenance houseplant takes a misting once or twice a week, whilst also needing a water when the top of the soil is dry to touch.
● SOUTH AMERICAN BACKGROUND – Originating from South America, this plant is used to warm and humid surroundings. It will bring all of those qualities into your indoor environment and be the focal point of any room.
● *Images are for illustrative purposes only. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included. Plant height is approximate and is measured from the base of the pot to the top of the plant.

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